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A vision statement is a statement that outlines an organization’s long-term goals, defining what they aim to become. Companies look to fulfill this goal through their day-to-day operations. Though frequently mixed up with mission statements, vision statements act as a north star to provide direction and purpose to the organization.

“A world of deeper intergenerational learning, storytelling and friendship.”

GrandPals - Our Vision & Mission


A mission statement is a short summary that explains what an organization does, what it hopes to achieve, and what it believes in. It helps them make good choices and stay focused on their goals.

“Create, facilitate, & promote curriculum integrated, intergenerational experiences (focused on shared learning, storytelling & friendship).”

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Our Vision

To create a world of deeper intergenerational learning, storytelling and friendship. We do this by working with select local organizations and their communities to implement the GrandPals Program in Canada.

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