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Stories of impact continue to surface throughout the Grandpals Project and we are truly grateful that these experiences get shared.

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LTC Resident at Baycrest, GrandPal (Toronto, ON)
LTC Resident at Baycrest, GrandPal (Toronto, ON)

It is so great to interact with students, and those that are just across the street from us. I think it is a gift to have the opportunity to write letters with the students, but to see them in person too. I am appreciative for this experience.

Collette, GrandPal (Simcoe, ON)
Collette, GrandPal (Simcoe, ON)

I meet weekly with two young students. Both very inquisitive, they are great participants and come well prepared with questions. I am thoroughly enjoying these two and appreciate the opportunity that being a GrandPal presents.  It is a great program that connects students and seniors, allowing us to share our stories while rekindling memories we left behind. Thank you.

The GrandPals program has been a great opportunity for my class.  We have a nice mix of GrandPals that have lived in our area long term, and those that have moved to the area more recently. The experiences of both have given the kids opportunities to learn so much about the history of Onanole, and other areas of Canada and the world, while also sharing their own personal experiences.  The students are always excited to reconnect with the GrandPals during our weekly meetings.

Connie, GrandPal (Simcoe, ON)
Connie, GrandPal (Simcoe, ON)

I can tell you, although I've missed a couple of meetings, that I've enjoyed every minute with my students. There weren't many times when there was silence between us. I loved that almost everything I was sharing with them could be seen on their laptops so they could cross-reference my story to an actual picture online. I look forward to the end of the project celebration on May 25!

The GrandPals program has exceeded my expectations in every way. I am most impressed with one of my students who generally has a negative attitude about school in general. He was not excited about what we were going to be doing and during the first meeting with his GrandPal, he was pretty much disengaged and borderline rude.

By the end of the 3rd session, he was begging for more GrandPal time and couldn’t believe it was time for recess. A quote from him: “This is WAY better than doing ELA because it’s so fun and we actually get to do stuff!” He still doesn’t really believe me that he actually IS doing English Language Arts the whole time through preparing for and participating in the authentic conversations he’s having with his group. He’s already excited about his idea of decorating a flower pot for his GrandPal as his final project. I don’t want to break it to him that doing that would be considered Art because he doesn’t like that either! GrandPals has really made a difference in our classroom.

LTC Resident at Baycrest, GrandPal (Toronto, ON)
LTC Resident at Baycrest, GrandPal (Toronto, ON)

I find I can’t remember what my day to day life was like when I was 11, I’m 97. Sure there was school, friends, homework, chores, you name it. It is nice to be reminded of how growing up is still so similar even though we are many (many) years apart.

LTC Resident at Baycrest, GrandPal (Toronto, ON)
LTC Resident at Baycrest, GrandPal (Toronto, ON)

One of the students in my group is new to the school. She was born in Israel. We had a chance to share some Hebrew words and to teach others in the group what it all meant. It was a lovely time together.

Media Attention: Real Stories, Real Impact

Program unites Sudbury's older adults, younger citizens

“I heard about GrandPals, explored it further, and connected with the organizers,” recalled Laryssa Vares, a public health nurse with Public Health Sudbury and Districts.

Students and GrandPals Connect

An intergenerational opportunity for learning, storytelling, and friendship at Hanover Heights and Walkerton District community schools has resulted in some special connections.

Bridging Generations: The GrandPals Program Debuts at Innisfil's Holy Cross Catholic School

‘The beloved GrandPals program, which originated in Orangeville, makes its debut at Innisfil’s Holy Cross Catholic School.’

New GrandPals program looks to bridge generation gap in Barrie

‘If someone has a story, even if they don’t think they have, and they love kids, they can get involved in this,’ says co-ordinator.

GrandPals program looking to connect older adults with students in Barrie

A program that connects older adults and school-aged kids is looking for volunteers as it plans to expand into Barrie.

Connecting youth with seniors in Moorefield

“There was overwhelming excitement from both the students and the GrandPals. It’s great to see the bond that can be created between a 10-year-old and an 80-year-old. My students think of them as their friends.”

‘I was really touched’: Stayner students learn life lessons from older adults through GrandPals program

Students at True North Christian Academy in Stayner learned some life lessons this school year from a group of older adults known as GrandPals.

Marc Mailhot & Lynda Brown

Marc Mailhot and Lynda Brown: Recipients of the 2017 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching, Canada’s History

Closing the Generation Gap

‘You’re never too old to have fun,’ is just one of the inter-generational teachings that the GrandPals Program (GPP) promotes, whether you are a ‘Baby Boomer, or a member of GenX or GenY. 

Students, seniors find friends through ‘GrandPals’ program

WELLINGTON COUNTY – As society becomes more focused on technology and instant gratification, many have lost touch with the value of human connection. 

Celebrating Impact: Students’ Projects

Several books of student authored stories have been published over the following years, containing stories and artwork which shared moments from the lives of senior participants.

Cover image of Once Upon a Wednesday

Once Upon a Wednesday (2015/2016)

Cover image of Now and Then

Now & Then (2016/2017)

Cover image of Path Travelled

Paths Travelled (2017-18)

Cover image of Every Person Has a Story

Every Person Has a Story (2018-19)

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