Trouble in a One Room Schoolhouse

School Days

By Shea – Grade 5

During elementary school, one of Creola’s friends was a short, stocky, strong and fierce little girl named Suzanne. She was also the teacher’s daughter, which made things pretty interesting in the little one room schoolhouse. 

One afternoon when the girls were in grade 3, Suzanne started swearing at the teacher (her own mother) right in the middle of the lesson. The teacher told her to stop several times – but she just wouldn’t stop. So, the teacher took Suzanne to the back of the room. Next, everyone heard the tap turn on and the water poured out of the tap and into the sink. The teacher stuck a bar of soap right into Suzanne’s mouth and began scrubbing. Of course, everyone was shocked by the squirming and sputtering. After the teacher was done, the two of them came back into class. The teacher went back to teaching and Suzanne sat back down at her desk, like nothing had happened. Even at recess and after school, Suzanne never talked about the incident again.