The Tasty Prank

Farm Life

By Connor – Grade 5

One evening, David and his family were sitting down for dinner in the heart of their farm house, the kitchen. David’s dad had warned both he and his younger brother Steven not to tell their little sister Karen that they were eating pork, or more specifically Mrs. Pig, for dinner that night. David and Steven both said, “Ok, sure, no problem dad”. The problem was that they had said this with a big smile on their faces, because deep down, they knew there was no way they could keep this a secret. When the family sat down at the table, they had a beautiful meal before them: roasted potatoes, apple sauce, veg carrots, peas and of course, pork chops. 

David’s younger brother Steven started the conversation with, “Mmmm, this is some really good pork, right David?”  

“Oh yeah, this is the best pork we’ve ever had”, replied David from across the table. 

Their father started to give his two sons “the look”, warning them to stop, but David and his brother kept going. As Karen was sitting at the table, enjoying a big bite of pork, David said, 

“Boy Steve, Mrs. Pig sure does taste good!”. 

Karen looked up from the table with a horrified expression, then suddenly spit the food out of her mouth and began screeching. 

David’s father looked up with a bright red face and yelled, “David and Steven, both of you go to your rooms right now!” 

In the end, David was grounded for about a month. His sister finally forgave him, after a sincere apology.