Only One Bono

Life of Pets

Bono Art

By Mackenzie – Grade 5

Lorraine had always liked dogs. She liked how cute they were, thought they were nice pets, and that they deserved to be treated nicely. Lorraine, however, had never had a dog before. At least not until one spring day when Lorraine and her husband, Ross, thought about adding to their family.

As they visited the pound, Lorraine just wanted to see what dogs were available. She didn’t  think she was ready to get one yet, until she say one dog shaking and hiding in the corner of his cage. Lorraine asked the manager what the dog’s name was, how old he was and why he looked so nervous. The manager explained that Bono was one year old and had simply not been treated very well. Lorraine asked if she could take him out and hold him. The other employees at the pound were surprised, because no one had really paid any attention to Bono before. Most people didn’t want a dog that is shy and nervous. 

When Ross and Lorraine brought Bono home, it took him some time to get used to a family of five. The whole family was very kind and gentle with Bono, until finally he felt he was a part of the family.

Lorraine and her family only had Bono for only three years. After Bono died, the family decided they would never get another dog. After all,  there could only ever be one Bono.