Lucky Wasn’t So Lucky

Life of Pets

By Emily – Grade 5

Garnet’s son, Fred, was on his way home from Boy Scouts when he noticed a sign that read, “Free Puppies”. The dogs were a labrador and golden retriever mix. Fred ran home to tell his parents about the sign. To his excitement, Fred’s parents said that he could have one of the puppies. As soon as he picked out his dog, Fred knew he wanted to name him Lucky. Lucky grew into a really big dog, and although he was a very nice dog, Lucky always managed to find trouble.

One afternoon, Garnet’s neighbour returned from the grocery store after shopping for her family’s Sunday dinner.  The neighbour had forgotten the key to her front door, so she placed her groceries on the front step and walked behind the house to the back door where she kept a secret key. Lucky could smell the delicious pot roast that was sitting with the other groceries. Lucky ran over to the neighbour’s house and grabbed the pot roast right off the front step! As the neighbour returned from behind her house, she discovered Lucky eating her pot roast! She marched over to Garnet’s and Molly’s house and knocked on their door. Molly answered the door to her neighbour furiously saying, “Your dog ate my Sunday Dinner!” 

Molly and Garnet always had their own Sunday dinner after church. Molly, very apologetically, offered her neighbour the roast chicken she planned on serving her family for dinner. Much to Garnet’s disappointment, that evening he sat down for a pork and beans Sunday dinner. 

The stealing of the neighbour’s pot roast was not the end of Lucky’s mischievous ways. Lucky was always getting into trouble and causing chaos wherever he went. So, later that year when Fred went to summer camp, Garnet and Molly decided to put Lucky down.  In the end, Lucky wasn’t so lucky at all.