For Ever and Ever


For Ever and Ever

By Paige – Grade 5

When Suzanne was 19 years old, she often went to the Young People Church Club. One of the other members was a young man named John, who lived in Orangeville.  One night John decided to talk with Suzanne and ask her out on a date.  Suzanne was 19 at the time and John was 20.

John and Suzanne dated for 2 and a half years. They went on a lot of dates.  Sometimes John would visit Suzanne in Guelph where she was working and training to be a nurse. One night John and Suzanne were in John’s car. John turned and looked at Suzanne and he said, 

“Suzanne, will you marry me?”  

It took Suzanne about 1 minute to think about it and then Suzanne said, ” Yes, I will marry you!!’’ John proposed to Suzanne in 1960 on the day of her graduation. They married in 1961.

John and Suzanne have been married for 56 years. Their marriage lasted so long because they loved each other a lot! I hope that everyone has forever love like John and Suzanne!