Catch a Leaf Before It Falls


By Larkin – Grade 5

It was a windy afternoon on October 5th, 1994 and Edna was in her living room reading a magazine filled with poems and pretty pictures. It was a Fall edition. One of the poems in the magazine was all about catching an autumn leaf before it hit the ground.  

After Edna had finished her magazine, she was in the kitchen standing by the oven cooking. She told her husband about the poem she just read. 

“It wouldn’t be hard catching a leaf, look at them blowing down the street.” replied her husband Peter. 

Edna thought she could never catch a leaf before it touched the ground. She decided to get her coat and go outside. She spent quite a while outside trying to catch a leaf, but soon enough she caught a leaf that was a rosy red and orange colour. Edna pressed her leaf under a heavy surface, put it in a scrapbook, and put the date under the leaf. 

Every following October Edna and Peter would go out to catch two leaves before they fell. Eventually they ended up with a photo album full of pressed leaves from their many years together. Sadly, after Peter died  in 2013, Edna stopped catching leaves. But in 2017, after meeting two ten year old girls in the GrandPals Project,  Edna added two more leaves to her album, saying below Jordan, October 25th 2017 and Larkin, November 15th 2017.