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The GrandPals Program is a unique intergenerational initiative that connects generations through the power of storytelling.

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In-Person Model

The in-person model of the program matches each GrandPal with a group of 3 – 4 students during class time. Each weekly session focuses on a theme to share stories and learnings. GrandPals share a 5 minute story at the beginning of the session with their group of students and then together they explore different questions about the theme during the session.

GrandPals play a critical role in supporting students’ curiosity, critical thinking, expanding worldviews and exploring their viewpoints.

The in-person model can take place in a classroom, a library, a community centre or residence for older adults.

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The Videoconference Model

The videoconference model of the program uses a slightly different approach to sharing stories. The students participate from a physical classroom and the GrandPals are broadcast into the classroom through videoconferencing. To maximize opportunities for discussion, there are various roles and responsibilities of the participants during each session, which rotate from week to week:

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Our Vision

To create a world of deeper intergenerational learning, storytelling and friendship. We do this by working with select local organizations and their communities to implement the GrandPals Program in Canada.

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