About the Vision, Mission & Need


A world of deeper intergenerational learning, storytelling and friendship.



Education (the shaping of a whole person) is valued along with  instruction (learning how to do various things). 

Wisdom is valued, in a world of information. 

Process is valued in a world of productivity.



Storytelling across generations helps to mature us as people of deeper caring, understanding and empathy.

We also develop a deeper understanding of the past, the present, and the decisions we must make in the future.



Authentic friendships are fostered in a world of digital social media. 

This new digital world is one in which social and emotional learning (SEL) is a critical necessity.


Creating, facilitating, & promoting curriculum integrated, intergenerational experiences (focused on shared learning, storytelling & friendship). 



programming in collaboration with students, seniors, teachers and other community members.

support for current and new initiatives through various funding opportunities.



projects within Dufferin County and beyond, through local collaborations and the development of online resources for students, seniors, and teachers / organizers. 



human dignity, honour and anti-ageism through the creation and facilitation of projects. 

excellence in intergenerational, curriculum integrated, service and project based learning, through the sharing of work and resources.

The Need



Students are deeply engaged and learn in multifaceted ways through a GrandPals Project. Not only do they develop literacy skills from across the curriculum, they also develop skills of collaboration, interpersonal communication, empathy and a broader historical understanding.

This program’s been great for my daughter. She has much more appreciation for the seniors in our community. And she’s much more willing and wanting to help. Something as simple as opening a door for a senior in a public place, in a shop, just stopping and saying hello. Offering to help – those are the types of changes I’ve seen in my daughter – it’s just been wonderful.Jeremy Curry - Parent



Seniors involved in the project have shared about how beneficial the program has been for them. It has provided many seniors with a kind of informal life review, friendship, and an opportunity to influence and educate the upcoming generation.

I enjoy GrandPals. And it makes me feel like, even though I know I’m getting older, I’m still very important to the children.
Lorraine O'Donnell - Senior


Teachers & Other Organizers

Teachers love the powerful engagement and deep learning.

Program managers find this is a “perfect fit” for their seniors. 

Service clubs support the project, as it fits their ethic of “service above self”. 

Faith groups know their seniors need to be reintegrated in meaningful ways. 

The highlight of my teaching career so far was doing this GrandPals unit.
Kristie Walraven - Teacher


Public Libraries & Municipalities

As we anticipate an increasing global shift in age demographics, municipalities are looking for initiatives that will help them become more “age friendly” communities - as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). A GrandPals Project can help to address two of the eight WHO priority areas.

We were actually quite blown away by the exchange [between seniors and students]. We saw stuff that would make you cry…
Cecilia Vespa - Community Librarian