About Our Team


While there are teachers and other organizers leading projects further afield, this is the team of teachers working together in the Dufferin County region of southern Ontario, Canada.
Marc Mailhot

Project Leader at Montgomery Village PS

After the death of his grandfather, Marc’s grandma Evelyn moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba to live with...

Lynda Brown

Project Leader at Montgomery Village PS

Lynda has been working on the project at Montgomery Village Public School since 2014. Not only has she been...

Tim Buchan

Project Leader at Parkinson Centennial PS

In his younger years, Tim spent time as a camp counsellor and a program director for youth. It was in these...

Sean Boston

Project Leader at Parkinson Centennial PS

Sean’s growing up years have shaped him deeply as an educator. Born and raised in the small town of Colgan, Ontario...

Nikki Hughson

Project Leader at Island Lake PS

Nikki became involved with the Grandpals Project in the 2015-16 school year, on the recommendation of...

Elizabeth Mangos

Project Leader at Spencer Avenue PS

Elizabeth joined the GrandPals program in 2016 after her principal invited Marc Mailhot and Lynda Brown... 

Kristie Walraven

Project Leader at Orangeville Christian School

One of Kristie's favourite people is her grandmother.  She spent a lot of time with her grandparents when...

Terri-Ann Gawthroupe

Resource Development / Teacher at Montgomery Village PS

Terri-Ann´s formative years in school were filled with  teachers​ who were passionate about...

Emma Pink

Arts Integration / Owner of Emma Pink Arts

Emma has a deep love for the power of art. For her, it’s about so much more than technique with...

Community Partners

We are grateful for our community partners who help to support and develop the ongoing work of the GrandPals Project in Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada and beyond.  

Rotary Club of Orangeville


The RCO has provided the GrandPals project support with, 

  • Financial support through a Rotary District Grant, 
  • Honouring of the program with a Paul Harris Award
  • Participation of members as volunteer seniors in the project
  • Recruitment of local seniors to projects at various Dufferin area schools
  • Acquisition and oversight of other grants, such as a Dufferin Community and New Horizons grant.

Museum of Dufferin


The MoD provides Dufferin area GrandPals projects support with, 

  • Relevant programming for students and seniors, supporting the overall aims of the project. 
  • Archiving of student-authored stories about seniors in the Dufferin community. 
  • Artifacts for in-class research.

DS Media

DS Media (www.dsmedia.ca) provides the GrandPals with website support.

Clorox Company

The Clorox Company (in Orangeville Ontario) has provided ongoing financial support to the GrandPals Project.

Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI)

CESI (https://www.cesinstitute.ca/) has supported the GrandPals project through program assessment.