The first step to any GrandPals project, regardless of what it might look like in your unique setting, is to begin by making connections. After all, at the heart of the project is a connection between a young person and a senior …   more


The planning of the GrandPals project is a crucially important phase. In the end, the project can only go as well as the plan that’s been laid out for it. As the late Stephen Covey wrote, ̈All things are created twice. There is a mental …   more


Once the initial connections and plans have been made, the rubber then really hits the road. Jumping into the actual GrandPals project work can be fun, exhausting and at times discouraging. It can be very helpful for those …   more


An end of project celebration is an important piece of a successful GrandPals Project. Not only does it provide a sense of closure for all involved in the project, but it also provides a strong motivation to students as they are working on …   more